Stake Tokens to Get $RPG

Rangers Protocol Gas $RPG
  • In MixMarvel.Finance, users can stake the following tokens in each pool to get RPG incentives.
  1. 1.
    BEP20 RPG: 0xc2098a8938119A52B1F7661893c0153A6CB116d5
  2. 2.
    ERC20 RPG: 0x0E5C8C387C5EBa2eCbc137aD012aeD5Fe729e251
  3. 3.
    BEP20 RPG/BUSD LP tokens: 0x55cdb14855220b239cf857a03849d96736b9103f
  4. 4.
    ERC20 RPG/USDT LP tokens: 0x5340c7B63cef225e7c5E4620d4Ff6c57EE585Dd1
  5. 5.
    BEP20 MIX: 0x398f7827dccbefe6990478876bbf3612d93baf05
  6. 6.
    ERC20 MIX: 0x5d285f735998f36631f678ff41fb56a10a4d0429
Make sure to use Google Chrome with MetaMask extension
  • Select the Network to utilize: BSC for BEP20; Ethereum for ERC20
  • Click on "Link Wallet ".
Make sure that your wallet is on the corresponding network
  • First time users will have to Autorize their wallet. (this will consume gas)
  • Click on "Stake", Input amount of tokens to stake, and click on Stake.
  • After successful transfer, your tokens will be staked, and can generate incentives.