User Manual

Facilitate user access to the platform

Before you start configuring your nodes, set up your account in Rangers Protocol, which could take you through the entire Rangers Protocol ecosystem.

Click here:

Set Your Account

Sign up

  1. Enter the homepage

  2. If you already have an account, please move to the “Login” session.

  3. Click ” Sign Up“ and fill in the fields

  4. After finishing the signup process, then log in.

Log in

  1. Click ”Log In“ and fill in the fields

  1. Successfully logged in

Top up

Notice: The cost of renting the node will be deducted directly from your account instead of your wallet, so please top up your account with BSC Network’s BUSD before starting the configuration. You can do this by following the steps below.

  1. Click the “Top up” button

  1. Copy the charge address, which is unique for every account.

  1. Then, switch the network to the BNB Smart Chain Mainnet and choose BUSD to transfer to the above charge address.

  1. You could switch back to the Rangers Mainnet network to accomplish the following steps.

  1. Check the balance of your account.

Wallet Connection

  1. Click the “connect” button to connect your wallet to the platform (Currently, only supports MetaMask )

  1. Log into your MetaMask wallet

  1. All preparations are complete.

  2. Next up is how to Become a node and how to Stake your RPG.

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