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Users can find everything about themselves on the Node Management Platform, including their nodes and records.

Your Node

  • Name: The node name

  • Status:

    • Online in green: the node is functional

    • Online in yellow: 10 days until expiration

    • Offline: The node is down, but the undelegate function is still in effect

  • Type: the identity status

  • Expiration Time (UTC): the expiration date of the node

Your Delegated

This shows the user's record of delegating and staking actions.

  • Account: the name of the pool

  • Delegate: The amount delegated by the user

  • Unclaimed Rewards: the amount of unclaimed reward

Also, users can change the reward address by clicking the “Claim” button and inputting the desired address.


The History page records user operations and their history on Rangers Scan. The columns are as follows:

  • Validator Location: Name of the node on which the user performs the operation

  • Filter:

    • All: contains delegate actions and undelegate actions

    • Delegate: only contains the delegate actions

    • Undelegate: only contains the undelegate actions

  • Value: The RPG quantity of the interaction

  • Date Time (UTC): Consistent with the time on Rangers Scan

  • Scan Link: click to land on Rangers Scan

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