Node Reward Address Replacement

Enter the node reward address replacement page:

Switch Metamask to Rangers Protocol Mainnet, and use the original node address to connect to the page.

Input the reward address to replace into, and confirm that the original reward address and miner ID are shown correctly.

Click "Change" to initiate a blockchain transaction to replace the original reward address.


  1. Please take good care of the new reward address’s private key to avoid unnecessary losses.

  2. Earned rewards are settled on Rangers Protocol every 10 hours. View the rewards in the new address after the settlement.

  3. The original reward address will no longer receive rewards after being replaced. The rewards generated by the original address will stay intact and will not be transferred to the new one.

  4. Visit and click "Add Rangers Network" in the lower left corner to automatically add the Rangers Protocol mainnet configurations to your MetaMask.

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