Console & Delegate


The first tag of the navigator bar is the miner console, which shows all Proposal and Verification node addresses. Once you finish the application process, your wallet address could be found here.


Users can conduct RPG delegated staking and enjoy affordable and effortless mining. Under Delegate, all Validators are presented to users for RPG delegation.

Let’s begin by explaining the column titles:

  • Validators: the name of the verification node

  • Stake: The number displayed shows the amount of RPG that is staked with the respective validator.

  • APR: Daily Reward/Input Volume*365

  • Commission: Commission charged on rewards set by the validator

  • Minimum: The minimum delegate threshold set by the validator

  • Settlement Epoch: The settlement epoch is 10h, and the smart contract will automatically settle the global round every 10h.

Detailed Approaches

Users can undelegate at any time after staking, and the principal and rewards will arrive at the end of the settlement cycle. The below information is the delegate approaches for example:

  1. Click the Validator name to get into the detail page

  1. Click the “Delegate” button when you see the Node Status is online

  1. Input the amount and confirm

  1. Check the history

  1. If you need to undelegate your RPG, please click the “Undelegate” button

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