Apply & Calculator


The Apply session has powerful and logical functionalities, which could help you get a node, become a validator and become a miner. These three steps are separated from each other, which means users can terminate anytime once they accomplish step one.

Get A Node

  1. Enter your node name

  2. Select the rental period

  3. Remember to Top up in order to make the transaction feasible

  4. Click “Rent Now” and finish the payment process

  1. Now you have a node

Become A Validator

  1. Click “Step 2” and select the Node from the drop box

  2. Input your Staking amount, and it should be greater than 400 RPG

  3. Copy and paste the address into the bottom input field

Tips: Block synchronization takes about 1 day. Upon completion, the node starts receiving verification rewards.

Become A Miner

  1. Click “Step 3” and select the Node from the drop box

  2. To become a miner, users need to pay 10 RPG as a service charge

  1. Congratulations, you are already a mine owner, go to the Delegate page and check it out.


The calculator helps the user to understand the revenue after staking, showing the future revenue on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. In addition, the user can also see the trend of income over the year. More specifically, the user can find out the highest return scenario by inputting different amounts.

The Proposal Node and Verification Node stand for two systems to calculate the proceeds from staking.

Under both systems, users could input the Staking Amount, which should be no less than 2000 or 400, into the box on the left.

After inputting the Staking Amount, the line graph will show the annual gain, with 10 coordinates on both the X and Y axes, representing time and the respective gains.

The data demonstrated:

  • Daily Possible Income

  • Monthly Possible Income

  • Yearly Possible Income

  • Yearly Reward Rate

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