What is Grand Guard

Introduction to the Grand Guard Safe

About Grand Guard

Grand Guard is a multi-signature safe for businesses and mass users to manage their blockchain assets on Rangers Protocol Mainnet. By enabling customized security settings of multi-sig requirements, Grand Guard helps prevent unauthorized access to business assets and guards personal assets. It supports RAP-20 compatible FT and NFT assets, currently requires zero opening cost and service fee, and provides a comprehensive interface. The current version only serves MetaMask users and is only accessible through a webpage.

Main Features


Users can choose to require a predefined number of signatures to confirm transactions, and they can manage their companies’ crypto assets in a fully customizable manner. By requiring multiple team members to confirm each transaction before it is executed, users can prevent unauthorized access to companies’ crypto assets.

Users can fully customize the way they manage their personal crypto assets, with the option to require multiple devices to confirm transactions.

A Safe for FT and NFT Assets

Grand Guard supports RAP-20 compatible FT and NFT assets.

Hassle-Free Asset Management

Users can open the Grand Guard safe instantly with their MetaMask wallets.

An user-friendly interface including FT and NFT assets in the safe, transaction progress and history, and customized authorization settings.

There’s no limit to the number of owners of a safe. Grand Guard currently requires zero opening cost and service fee.

About the Grand Guard Interface


FT and NFT available. Could also see the total safe balance in USD.

Transaction Data

Could see the history of on-going and previous transactions.

Address Book

Saves all the wallet addresses from precious transactions for convenience.


For multi-sig requirements, safe management, and others.

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