How to Apply to Be a Verification Node

Step 1. Log in to with your existing account, or sign up directly if you do not have one.

Step 2. To apply to be a verification node, you need to purchase a node server first. Visit to add a credit card, upgrade your account to an Advanced one.

Step 3. Click “Nodes” on the menu on the left, and click "Create One Now" to initiate your node server purchase.

Step 4. Input corresponding parameters, click “Launch” to pay the fee, and complete the node server purchase. Select Chain: Rangers; Node Name: Custom; Region: Custom; Resource: Recommended;

Step 5. After clicking on launch, please link your account to Google Authenticator on mobile devices.

Step 6. After a successful link to Google Authenticator, click “Launch” again, and submit your payment method.


  1. Recommended configuration of Rangers verification nodes: CPU – 8 Cores, Memory – 16G, Disk – 1TB

  2. When paying, the system will automatically deduct the corresponding fee from your authorized credit card. Please choose your card with discretion.

Step 7. After a successful purchase, please wait until the node server status changes from “Launching” to "Syncing" which indicates a successful node launch. Click the list to view the server details, and copy all the content in the “Address” section.


  1. If you want to cancel a node server purchase, please click the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the Nodes List page and select "Terminate" to cancel the service.

Step 8. Enter the page, switch Metamask to Rangers Protocol Mainnet, and select the address to connect to the page.

Step 9. Input the content copied in step 9, the number of RPGs to be staked, and the reward address.


  1. To become a verification node, you need to stake at least 400 RPG. Please make sure you have enough RPGs in your wallet.

  2. Please keep the private key of the reward address properly to avoid unnecessary losses.

Click "Confirm" to complete the on-chain signature transaction and successfully become a Rangers Protocol verification node.

Step 10. If you need to change the node reward address, please click here to view the relevant guideline.

Step 11. To cancel the node service, please connect to the page with the node address and input the amount of RPGs to be unstaked. Click "Confirm" to complete the on-chain transaction, thus releasing the staked RPGs and canceling the node service.

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