How to Use Rangers Protocol Cross-Chain Bridge?

Step 1. Enter the homepage of the Cross-Chain Bridge application

❗️ Please check that the address is correct to prevent losses from entering a fake website

Suggested access methods: 1. Google Chrome with MetaMask plugin installed; 2. Any mobile wallet that can access dapp applications and custom networks

Step 2. Connect the wallet

Click “Connect wallet” in the upper right corner of the page. When connecting for the first time, it requires authorizing the app to obtain your wallet data.

❗️ You might want to know: How to add Rangers Chain to your wallet


Scroll the page to the bottom and click the "Add Rangers Network" button in the lower-left corner.

Step 3. Set your cross-chain parameters

  • Select the type of token you want to cross-chain. Currently supported tokens: RPG

  • Select the source and target chains of your cross-chain. Current chains supported for transfer: ETH, BNB, Rangers Protocol.

  • Set the number of tokens you want to cross-chain.

❗️ Pay attention to confirm the maximum cross-chain amount, your cross-chain tokens cannot exceed the upper limit We will calculate and charge a portion of the mainchain coins of your starting chain in real-time as the gas fee for initiating cross-chain transactions on the target chain.

Step 4. Authorize and send the transaction

  • Initiating cross-chain requires your authorization. The default authorization amount equals your current cross-chain amount (the authorization operation is an independent on-chain transaction).

  • After authorization, click the "cross-chain" button to call the wallet to send cross-chain transactions.

  • It takes a certain amount of time for cross-chain transactions to be confirmed on the chain. You can view the real-time progress of cross-chain transactions in the historical record in the upper right corner.

❗️ According to your personal needs, you can choose unlimited authorization

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