Understanding Rangers Protocol in Three Minutes

Rangers Protocol: Virtual World's Blockchain Infrastructure

In the 11th year of Bitcoin, the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) inexorable trend has made a growing realization about the value of the blockchain's financial attributes. In the first two months of 2021, NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) and other non-financial fields explosion have added significant value to the blockchain technology application. Just as Ethereum focused on the application layer at the beginning of its establishment and envisioned three kinds of application presentation: financial, semi-financial, and non-financial, what blockchain technology can achieve is not just financial innovation but is expected to improve the industry computing efficiency fundamentally.

Although Ethereum's unshakable first-mover advantage makes it the first choice for various DeFi applications with vital financial attributes, however, Ethereum is not "perfect." A few years ago, a single dapp named CryptoKitties caused the Ethereum network to congest, almost paralyzed. These circumstances make Ethereum hardly a good enough choice, especially for game applications that require more information storage and frequent user interaction. At this point, Rangers Protocol steps up.

What is Rangers Protocol?

Rangers Protocol 1.0, incubated by MixMarvel, is based on Ethereum's Layer-2 scalable solution, which was initially applied to the top blockchain game HyperDragons. After multiple iterations and functional upgrades, Rangers Protocol is currently about to launch. As a high-performance chain group that can realize the multi-chain contract interoperability of the EVM system, Rangers Protocol integrates cross-chain, NFT, and EVM protocols and expands on this basis. It allows developers to freely create complex decentralized applications and adapt them to various scenarios, giving users an Internet application-like experience. If the current Ethereum DeFi ecosystem is looked upon as a financial center, Rangers Protocol is intended to create an entertainment center.

Rangers Protocol solves the high-frequency transaction problems through the efficient VRF+BLS consensus mechanism; solves the data heterogeneity problem through the cross-chain solution based on the relay chain; solves the diversity problem through the horizontal expansion method, and solves the interaction problem through the transaction's real-time confirmation. And when frequent interactions are no longer restricted by the high transaction costs and slow confirmation speed, blockchain games in the true sense become possible. After all, most of the so-called blockchain games' experience at the moment is just a monotonous collection.

Rangers Protocol will also incorporate standard protocols such as ERC-721 to regulate NFT as a standard for digital assets. Based on the ERC-721 standard, Rangers Protocol extends its features, including life cycle management, a new data reusing structure, and dapp-based data authority management. These features allow Rangers Protocol's purposes to be further released through the integration of various underlying technologies. Rangers Protocol aims to be the virtual world blockchain infrastructure that can integrate financial, semi-financial, and non-financial dapps, not just creating an on-chain playground.

In the blue ocean of blockchain, Ethereum can be pictured as a vast island, Polkadot - as an archipelago, and Rangers Protocol - as a free trading port. The Ethereum ecosystem island has its various applications like shops in a massive bazaar of the isle. However, its underlying infrastructure is still relatively simple. The whole island is an independent, self-contained, closed-loop ecology. If developers want to expand, they will need to build elevated railways or something similar to their choice. The Polkadot ecology archipelago contains a mother island in the center and small islands connected to the mother island through undersea tunnels, where all transportation and people flow between the small islands and pass through the mother island as a transfer station. Rangers Protocol free trading port is connected to the mainland. It can be directly related to the outside world through channels. The logistics, people, and capital flow on the routes can also freely interact with each other. The port also has an infrastructure, similar to a commercial street, suitable for large-scale shops. Developers can directly develop applications according to their own needs.

MixMarvel has a unique role in the free trade port. It is similar to the first entertainment city in the port area. It will attract a large number of users from the mainland to the blockchain deep blue ocean.

Compared to Immutable and Ronin, for instance, that currently focus on the NFT market and optimize the non-financial application experience of the Ethereum network, Rangers Protocol has natural advantages in self-produced cross-chain transfer, composability, and interoperability. Through the compatibility with the Ethereum EVM, Rangers Protocol is very friendly to "porting" of the existing Ethereum dapps. With a more open ecological layout and complete developer reward mechanism, the developers may prefer Rangers Protocol.

Development Roadmap

Rangers Protocol plans to complete the mainnet launch in the second quarter of 2021. It will initiate the Rangers Protocol-based dapp's development and expansion of the VRF+BLS consensus mechanism, the EVM-based smart contract system, and the NFT protocol stack. The Rangers Protocol team will announce the release of the RPG (Rangers Protocol Gas) token when the mainnet is launched.

In the third quarter of 2021, the Rangers Protocol will be compatible with Ethereum dapps, supporting existing Ethereum dapps to run on the Rangers Protocol. In the fourth quarter, a cross-chain asset solution based on the relay chain will be implemented to support the existing Ethereum assets' circulation in Rangers Protocol. In the first quarter of 2022, we will enhance IDE to support complex applications in establishing a project environment similar to the virtual and real ones, make smart contracts adjustable and measurable, and maximize developer efficiency.


Although DeFi is booming, financial applications are not everything in the blockchain world. By contrast, the development prospects of non-financial applications that are still relatively "naive" are more worth looking forward to. The development of Rangers Protocol may lead to a new wave of the craze in the blockchain world.