How to Use the Cross-Chain Bridge

About Rangers Bridge
Rangers Bridge is a tool of Rangers Connector, an infrastructure aspiring to be the best heterogeneous cross-chain solution leveraging the relay chain technology. Rangers Connector removes the cross-chain communication barriers by supporting both FT and NFTs from an infrastructure level.
Rangers Bridge already supports the cross-chain of RPG tokens between Ethereum, BNB chain, and Rangers Mainnet. With external developers, Rangers Bridge could be scaled regarding blockchain and asset support based on its solution.
Use Rangers Bridge for FT Cross-Chain
The Bridge itself is free of charge, however, the gas fee for the target chain is required. Please ensure sufficient RPG in your wallet before conducting FT cross-chain.
Step 1
Enter the Rangers Bridge page. The portal is also available on Rangers Protocol's official website.
Step 2
1. Select the source chain in the dropdown menu under “From” and the target chain that you wish in the dropdown menu under “To”.
Only RPG is currently supported. More tokens will be added in the future.
2. Enter the number of RPG tokens that need to be transferred.
The deducted fees are in the native token of the source chain and are used for the gas fees of source chain and target chain transactions.
3. For any questions and concerns, please visit the FAQ page.
Step 3
Click History in the navigation bar to view your cross-chain history.
Use Rangers Bridge for NFT Cross-Chain
The NFT cross-chain function will first support Rangers Protocol's ecological project DeHeroGame. Please stay tuned for the NFT cross-chain experience.
Upcoming Developments
To further increase the development progress, Rangers Protocol is currently searching for developer partners to contribute to the scaling of the Rangers Bridge tool. The development contributions are likely to include the scaling of both FT and NFT asset support, and also the integration with more blockchains.