How to Use the Cross-Chain Bridge
Step 1
Enter the MixMarvel.Finance website and choose the "Bridge".
The assets cross-chain function of mixmarvel.finannce is based on
Step 2
Click the "Link Wallet" button in the upper right corner of the interface to link your wallet.
Step 3
1. Choose tokens for assets cross-chain.
only MIX and RPG are supported
2. Select the starting and ending points of the assets cross-chain. You can click the double arrow in the middle to switch (shown in the red box).
3. Ensure that your current wallet chain and the starting chain of the asset cross-chain are the same.
You need to approve tokens to conduct the first asset cross-chain.
The gas fee is required for transfers in the terminal chain.
Step 4
1. Enter the number of assets you want to transfer cross-chain.
2. Click "Confirm Cross-Chain" to reconfirm the cross-chain information of the corresponding asset and invoke the wallet to transmit the transaction.
It takes time to complete the assets cross-chain. Please wait patiently.
You can go to and connect to the wallet to confirm the cross-chain progress of your assets.
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