The Node Hosting Guide

A quick guide to the node rental tool within the framework of the Rangers Protocol Node Management Platform.
Rangers Protocol's Node Management Platform is a multi-functional tool to provide comprehensive support in node management.
It currently includes a node hosting interface, which offers node rental services to assist users in becoming Rangers Protocol verification nodes, and provides first-hand real-time node information as well, including the TVL (total value locked) of both proposal nodes and verifications nodes staking across the Rangers Protocol network.
Users who are not yet a Rangers Protocol node can easily purchase node hardware through the provided hardware purchase services by following the detailed Node Hosting Guide below.
1. Register an account.
2. After successfully setting up an account, log in to your account.
3. Click “Rent a Node” at the bottom of the page to enter the Node Hosting page.
4. Click “Rent Now” to start renting hardwares for a node.
5. Customize your node rental and smash “Next” to confirm all the information.
6. Once the information is confirmed, you will need to top up your balance.
7. Top up according to the configured node rental amount, and transfer the corresponding amount of USDT to the top-up address to complete the top-up.
  • The Node Hosting page supports USDT (BEP20) for deposit.
  • After the top-up, the balance can only be used to purchase node hosting services. Once the top-up is successful, it cannot be retrieved. We strongly recommend that you only top up the amount required to purchase node hosting services to avoid unnecessary losses.
  • Each account corresponds to a corresponding top-up address. Please confirm the top-up address and amount when transferring the tokens to avoid unnecessary losses caused by the wrong address. On-chain transfers require network confirmation. Please wait patiently for the on-chain network confirmation to be complete.
8. After successfully topping up the needed amount, click "Buy." The system will automatically deduct the corresponding account balance to complete the purchase.
9. After you’ve made the purchase, the system automatically enters the Node Management list, where you can see the information regarding the managed node service. Click the "Settings” icon to view the information, modify the name, and update the time.
10. Click “Become Miner” to jump to the Miner Apply page. Fill in the number of RPGs to stake and the income address, and complete the miner application. Please click here to view the miner application guide >> How to Apply to Be a Verification Node.
11. After the application has gone through, you will see the node status.
Tip: Before your node rental service expires, you can use the “Renew” function to renew the fee to extend the rental time to avoid losing any revenue due to expiration.