Getting Started

Rangers Protocol is fully compatible with Ethereum’s applications, services, and middleware. That is, it provides an access mechanism compatible with Ethereum at the level of establishing node connections.

The integration of wallets with Rangers Protocol allows for simple and easy access to private keys and signing transactions.

Here is a list of wallets that support Rangers Protocol.

A list of supported wallets

  • MetaMask

  • The Rangers Protocol light wallet, a convenient Web3 on-ramp tool, is upcoming soon. It will help users enter the Web3 world through Web2 login methods, free from the complex Web3 process with recovery phrases.

How the transaction is finalized

Rangers Protocol miners confirm each transaction and get commissions from it. After the sender sends the assets and the restorers receive the assets, twelve blocks of verification and recording are required to avoid loss caused by double spending, and the final transaction is basically tamperable. Each block takes one second to confirm, so it takes at least twelve seconds to finally confirm a transaction.

Additionally, the majority of transactions based on Rangers Mainnet are confirmed simultaneously as well as return the result quickly which provides great facilities to dapp developers in operability.

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