The oracle is the interface between the blockchain and the real world for data interaction, providing trusted data services for smart contracts through transactions, writing information other than the blockchain to the blockchain, and realizing the interconnection of blockchain and real-world data. Oracle allows deterministic smart contracts to react to an uncertain external world and is the only way for smart contracts to interact with data from the outside.

Why Rangers Protocol Oracle

The Rangers Protocol oracle is a valuable tool developed and maintained by Rangers Protocol to mainly provide price services for various tokens, currently including BTC, ETH, MIX, and RPG. Furthermore, the Rangers connector can track events on the chain. The oracle allows developers to obtain real-time prices of various tokens in USD through its free API to conduct various commercial activities.

Oracle Call

The flow of the oracle call includes implementation of the oracle smart contract and building the Oracle service. The Oracle service plays a great role in responding to the APIs and gaining outcomes as parameters. Rangers protocol compiled mass contracts for developers to call and their ABI is shown.

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