Blockchain Data Query

Rangers Scan, a blockchain explorer and cross-chain data query tool, records all blockchain operations on Rangers Protocol so that every transaction can be traceable. Rangers Scan has been in service for users to browse blockchain operations while providing constant updates.

Please stay tuned to new features that are under development.

Click Mainnet scan or Robin testnet scan to get more transaction information.


Rangers Scan is a powerful tool and supports many scenarios of user demands.

  • The Scan homepage displays the latest block count, transaction count and TRANSACTION HISTORY WITHIN 14 DAYS, and allows the user to search for address, transaction, block hash and group id.

  • Check all ERC721 and RAP20 protocol tokens types on Rangers Protocol (RAP20 is a token standard that allows users to deploy fungible tokens or cryptocurrencies on Rangers Protocol.)

  • View all transactions by type

  • On the “individual transaction details” page, the overview contains token types and its balances, and the user can also view related miner information and get a history of all transactions according to labels.

  • By clicking on any of the Transactions Hash, detailed information about the transaction is available including:

    • Txn Hash:A TxHash or transaction hash is a unique 66 characters identifier that is generated whenever a transaction is executed.

    • Status:The status of the transaction.

    • Block:The number of the block in which the transaction was recorded.

    • Time:The date and time at which a transaction is mined.

    • Txn Type:The type of the transaction.

    • From:The sending party of the transaction (could be from a contract address).

    • To:The receiving party of the transaction (could be a contract address).

    • Txn Fee:Amount paid to the miner for processing the transaction.

    • Value:The value being transacted and the fiat value.

    • Data:Additional information that is required for the transaction.

  • If there are multiple steps in a transaction, they will also be displayed in full.

  • Go to the token contract page and you can track and trace the information on the chain to find the total number of tokens and the number of owners.

  • In addition to viewing transactions on the “Smart Contracts” page, users can also deploy smart contracts on their own contract address, and authenticate and publish them. Contract addresses that are successfully deployed on the Rangers Scan webpage are marked with a ✔ to show that this is the certified address.

  • Click Confirm to deploy the contract

  • Deployment successful, waiting for review

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