How to become a verification node

In this doc, you will learn about the prerequisites, application process, configuration, and reward mechanisms for verification nodes in the Rangers Protocol ecosystem.

For the minimum requirements for mining devices, please refer to the Technical Requirements.

What is a verification node?

Rangers Protocol nodes are divided into proposal nodes and verification nodes. Verification nodes are randomly divided into a group of 50 nodes, called the verification group; It requires a minimum staking of 400 RPG to become qualified as a verification node and later a candidate verification node. Rangers Mainnet sets no restriction on the verification node application; a qualified verification node can enter the random pool by staking and then waiting to be selected into a verification group. A candidate verification node (for short, candidate node) can be selected into multiple verification groups simultaneously. The maximum number of verification groups that a candidate node can join is currently set at 50.

Become a verification node

Step 1

Open Miner Console, the one-stop solution for all Rangers Protocol nodes. On the webpage, miners can submit node applications and manage their stakes on its user-friendly interface.

Connect the Miner Console with MetaMask, then click “next” and “connect”.

Step 2

Enter the Miner Binary webpage and acquire miner information in json format.

Download the Rangers Miner, open the terminal and enter the RangersMiner Binary-main folder, input

./rangers_node miner –env mainnet

This will configure the node on the mainnet, and also you can replace the mainnet with robin for testing.

After activating the miner node, open the terminal in a new window, input and get miner information in json format.

curl http://localhost:9088/api/miner

Copy json fields and paste into the input box.

Step 3

Please stake a minimum of 400 RPG if you would like to apply to be a verification node.

There are two ways to get RPG:

  • RPG on Rangers mainnet could be purchased from pancakeswap or other DEX.

  • RPG on Robin testnet could be claimed from the Faucet, one per day.

Copy your account and paste it in the last input box.

Reward Mechanism

Verification Node

A verification node can increase its staking at any time and for unlimited times without having to wait till the current distribution cycle concludes.

During the period from staking to block reward distribution, RPG cannot be unlocked. It can only be unlocked after the node rewards are issued (10 hours).

The RPG distribution for the rewarded verification node is based on its RPG stake ratio. After the block is generated, the verification group will receive 10.5% of the total block reward. All nodes in the verification group will be rewarded according to the nodes’ stake ratio.

Proposal Node

With Rangers Protocol’s development and the governance mechanism’s improvement, RPG’s number staked as proposal nodes will continue to be adjusted. RPG cannot be unlocked during the period from the stake to block reward distribution. It can only be unlocked after the node reward is issued (10 hours). Each node can stake once in each block distribution cycle. When the rewarded proposal node distributes RPG, it will be done according to each node’s RPG stake ratio.

  • After the block is generated, the proposal group will receive 24.5% of the total block rewards.

  • Each block-generating proposal node will get 7.35% of the total block rewards individually.

  • All nodes in the proposal group, including the block-generating one, will share 17.15% of the remaining rewards according to the nodes’ stake ratio.

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